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Human Sexuality - Problems and Therapy   -BT Tukol
Bharathi Publications, 506 eelephant Rock Rd, 3rd Block, Jayanagar, Bngalore 560011

pp 226+xii / Demi octavo / Rs.180

Edited by Tukol, a consultant in Sexual Medicine and former Head of Sexual Medicine at Bangalore Medical College, this book conatins articles on a variety of topics in Human Sexuality -ranging from historical aspects, sexual responses, sexual dysfunctions and their therapy including psychological, pharmacological and hypnotherapeutic aspects, sexuality in sports medicine, sex in chronic illness, Teaching of Sexuality in Medical Colleges and many more..

Science of Sex    by Dr. D. Narayana Reddy
Pages 16+170 Size: Demi Octavo 1999
Publisher: Family Planning Association of India 74 Arcot Road, Vadapalani, Chennai 600 026
Rs.150 / $10

This semi-textbook fulfills the need in India, for a comprehensive book on human sexuality. Written by an eminent sexologist from south India, Dr. D. Narayana Reddy, the 'Science of Sex' lucidly explains many aspects of human sexual and reproductive life - like, the structure of male and female reproductive systems, the way they respond to sexual stimuli, how sexuality evolves from childhood through old age.

The author goes about describing the process of menstruation and myths surrounding it, various sex problems and their treatment, different deviant sex behaviours, and homosexuality. Separate chapters are devoted to masturbation, sleep emissions, virginity and circumcision, about which numerous myths, misconceptions and doubts prevail in India and some southeast Asian cultures. Conception, contraception, infertility, sexually transmitted diseases and HIV infection are also discussed.

Any one with a background of Class XI or above can easily comprehend the subject. In fact, with some chapters condensed and some elaborated, this book could well become a good text book of Human Sexuality & Reproduction for students of Class XI or XII.

A useful book for general readers too!

HANDBOOK of ANDROLOGY    Edited by Dr. N Pandian
Pages: xii+160,  Size: 140 x 215 mm, soft cover, price Rs.200 / $10

 Published by T.R. Publications P Ltd., PMG Complex, II Floor, 57, South Usman Rd T Nagar, Chennai - 600 017
This book is meant for Medical Practitioners of all fields and particularly for gynecologists. It gives an overview of and a working knowledge of the sexual problems and infertility in the male. 

The contributors include N Pandian, Rajvi Mehta, T.C. Ananda Kumar, D Sivagnana Sundaram, K.Sunder, S. Lee, D. Narayana Reddy, S. Durai Swamy, and Rupin Shah who wrote on Anatomy & Physiology of Male Reproductive Tract, Male Infertility and its Management, Endocrine Disorders in male Reproduction, Imaging in Male reproductive Disorders, Insights into Male Infertility through the Counselling Arena, Male Sexual Dysfunction, Surgery for Male Sexual Dysfunction, management of Anejaculation, and Sex Counselling/therapy.

Sex Education for Adolescents
- Vithal C. Prabhu

Pages: xiv + 274;
size: 135 x 215 mm; soft cover
Price: Rs.120
Publisher: Majestic Prakashan
for copies: Majestic Prakashan 316, Prasad Chambers Girgaum, Mumbai 400 004

Common Sexual Problems
- Prakash Kothari

Pages: xiv + 162
Size: 140 x 215 mm; soft cover
Publisher: UBS Publishers Distributors Ltd., New Delhi

Principles and Practice of Sex Therapy
Third Edition
Edited by Sandra R. Leiblum and Raymond C. Rosen

Guilford Press, 518 Pages, Publication Date: 2000, $52.00

Bringing the field of sex therapy up to date, the third edition of this classic work reports on a wealth of new developments in theory, research, and clinical practice. Existing chapters have been extensively revised, many with new authorship, and additional chapters added to address emerging areas of interest. Throughout, clear guidelines for assessment and treatment are brought to life by illustrative clinical material. Highlights of this edition include increased coverage of sexual desire disorders; a greatly expanded section on female sexual disorders, including a new chapter on sexual arousal difficulties in women; and a completely updated section on male sexual disorders, featuring a full discussion of Viagra and other vasoactive drugs. Other new chapters cover paraphilias and gender identity disorders. Featuring contributions from leading authorities, the volume maintains a careful balance between psychological and medical concerns.

1. Introduction: Sex Therapy in the Age of Viagra, Leiblum and Rosen
I. Desire Disorders
2. Desire Problems: A Systemic Perspective, Schnarch
3. Multielement Treatment of Desire Disorders: Integration of Cognitive, Behavioral, and Systemic Therapy, Pridal and LoPiccolo
II. Female Sexual Disorders
4. Female Sexual Arousal Disorder, Bartlik and Goldberg
5. Orgasmic Disorders in Women, Heiman
6. Dyspareunia, Binik, Bergeron, and Khalifé
7. Vaginismus: A Most Perplexing Problem, Leiblum
III. Male Sexual Disorders
8. Retarded Ejaculation: A Much Misunderstood Syndrome, Apfelbaum
9. Erectile Dysfunction: Psychotherapy with Men and Couples, Althof
10. Medical and Psychological Interventions for Erectile Dysfunction: Toward a Combined Treatment Approach, Rosen
11. Premature Ejaculation, Polonsky
IV. Special Populations
12. Sex Therapy with Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered, and "Kinky" Clients, Nichols
13. Assessment and Treatment of Gender Dysphoria, Carroll
14. Sexual Problems in Chronic Illness, Schover
15. Sex Therapy with Aging Adults, Leiblum and Segraves
16. Assessment and Treatment of Atypical Sexual Behavior, Wincze
17. The Paraphilia-Related Disorders: Nonparaphilic Hypersexuality and Sexual Compulsivity/Addiction, Kafka

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Sexual Dysfunction, A Guide for Assessment and Treatment
A Revised and Updated Second Edition, 2001

John P. Wincze, PhD, and Michael P. Carey, PhD
Guilford Publications, New York,

Pages: Approx. 226
, Size: 6" x 9", Paperback, Price: $23.00

This fully revised and updated volume provides a state-of-the-science overview of the most common sexual dysfunctions and the full range of assessment and treatment approaches. The book begins with discussions of the main classes of sexual dysfunction--desire disorders, arousal disorders, orgasm disorders, and sexual pain disorders--describing what is currently known about clinical presentation, prevalence, and etiological factors.

Serves as a text in graduate-level courses and clinical training programs.

Contents Overview of This Book,   Sexual Desire Disorders,   Sexual Arousal Disorders,   Orgasmic Disorders,  Sexual Pain Disorders,  Assessment,  Psychosocial Approaches to   Treatment,  Integrating Psychosocial and   Biomedical Approaches,  Case Illustrations,  Continued Professional Development   and  Practice

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