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This is a weird question although I'm sure you've heard that line
before. I'm sorry back to my question. I'm not complaining at all but when me and my boyfriend have intercourse I can go on for what seems like forever. I have had multiple orgasms (one time I counted and it was 11) is there anything that could evolve of this? I mean is it safe to have so many orgasms?

Being multiple orgasmic is not a problem. As long as you are not TOO exhausted from the experience, or as long as your vagina does not get sore from the prolonged sexual act, you don't have reason to worry. Contrary to the common belief, only some women are capable of multiple orgasms and you appear to be one among them. Enjoy it.


I am male, 29, married recently (2 months back) and my wife is 23. My wife had checked with a doctor before marriage of her breasts development etc. and the doctor confirmed that she can have sex.

We have been having intercourse everyday (except periods day) and at certain times, after ejaculation the sperm enters without problems. She experiences pain initially but once my penis enters fully, she feels no pain. Once I ejaculate, she says that she is feeling sperm spilling inside her vagina.

Please note that most of the times (75%), after ejaculation the sperm comes out in full. We both are totally upset and worried of this recurring phenomenon. Please advise me what would be best days so that she can conceive quickly.

Please advise me what would be best days so that she can conceive quickly (both are healthy), that is, how can I find out which day is her ovulating day (so that intercourse during that day or those days would make us parents soon)?

It is natural for semen to seep out of vagina, a little while after intercourse. NEVER does it remain in the vagina or go into the uterus. Only the spermatozoa present in the semen swim their way upwards into the uterus - that too, during a certain period, called the fertile period.

For a woman who menstruates regularly, that is, every 28-32 days, the fertile period falls somewhere between 12th day and 18th day. Intercourse during this period maximizes the chances of conception. The optimum frequency of sex during this period should be once every other day according some fertility experts because this much of gap gives the spermatozoa enough time to undergo changes that make them capable of fertilizing.

If all other things are favorable, this should work. Any way, being anxious to conceive itself can delay pregnancy, so better relax and enjoy your sex life. If you do not conceive after 9-12 months of trying, do consult a fertility specialist.

I'm a 30year old male working in a good position in reputed firm in Bangalore. Talks of my marriage are going on and plans for the d day is somewhere around the month of September this year.

I'm thankful to you for coming up with this e-mail provision as it does help people like me to come out with my problems with a fair degree of privacy.

My penis is bent at a very strong angle to the left. The bend is so much that, whenever i have an erection it touches my body on the left (place where my left leg starts from the lower abdomen).

I have discussed about this with some close friends and they say that a little tilt is normal but for a tilt like mine, i should seek expert advice. I did not have this problem from my child hood when i use to keep the position of my penis pointed up in my Underwear. Later I started keeping it pointed downwards and I do not know if that has been the reason for this state. I'm having this problem since more than 10 years now and do not know what to do about it. Since an year or so I have been wearing boxer shorts as underwear thinking that it might help me. But there is no improvement.

I'm a very worried man today. Please advice me and this situation and oblige.

The acute angle at which your ERECT penis bends is certainly not the usual bend. It develops because of unequal growth of tissues on either side, and can be corrected surgically by an andrologist. Consult one in your city.

If you are able to hold the erect penis (with your hand) in the normal angle without experiencing pain at the base of the penis, if you are able to masturbate without pain at the base of the penis, it should not be a problem for you to achieve penetration. Anyway - irrespective of whether you have a bent penis or straight penis - you usually need your wife's assistance to penetrate her vagina. Then why worry?

All the same, please have a urological examination, so you will be either reassured or offered treatment, after proper examination.

I am in a huge rut. I need to know this... Recently, a friend of mine had sex with me. Or at least tried to. While I don't know if he broke my hymen (or whatever it's called), I'm not completely sure and am very confused. Anyway, he thinks he may have ejaculated inside of me even though he started when he had his penis wrapped in a towel and his shirt on top of me. Do you think my chances for pregnancy are great? I'm fourteen (he's fifteen) and we didn't use a condom. I had my period a couple weeks ago. I really do not want to be pregnant and need help fast. If I do turn out to be, however, I think I'll get an abortion. Anyway, I really need your help.

Your chances of pregnancy are high if he has ejaculated inside you and your ovaries have released egg around that day. Towels do not offer any protection; Condoms do!

Please get tested after a week.

I encourage you to follow safer sex guidelines, the safest means being sexual abstinence till wedding day. At this tender age, the consequences of sex can be disastrous for physical and psychological well-being.

1)What is the average / normal time a male lasts during an intercourse.

From less than a minute up to 10 minutes on an average from the time of penetration till ejaculation. Some men take much longer time and some ejacultae even before penetration. For the same person, it varies from one episode of sex to the other. It also varies with age, with the time elapsed since previous intercourse, with the partner, with the medication he may be taking, with his anxiety levels and the like.

2)Does wearing tight underwears when Young and later on, have any thing to do with the growth i.e the length and width of the penis.

No, no. But it may lead to a decrease in semen quality.

3) How can one achieve a full hard on and how much time it lasts.

A full hard erection needs an anatomically flawless internal and external geintalia and blood vessels and nerves that supply it, normal hormone levels, normal psychological makeup, congenial sorroundings AND sufficient sexual stimulation - physical and/or psychological.

An erection lasts only as long as the sexual stimulation exists, and the fullness and hardness (rigidity) of the penis depends on the strength of such stimulus. The more you are sexually excited (and mentally undistracted) the stronger the erection.

4) which book in English will have the answers to such and more questions kindly suggest some names. I am staying in Bombay.

Click here to view a list of some such books. I recommend Dr. Prakash Kothari's and Dr. Vithal Prabhu's books to begin with. Dr. June Reinisch's book The Kinsey Institute New Report on Sexuality is an excellent source of a wide range of information presented in question-answer form. You should be able to get all three books in Bombay.

I am 27 yr old male going to marry next month my problem is that I am attracted to male and have sex with male partners. I never have sex with girl but I have interest in girls. I am affraid will I be able to satisfy my wife. Please advise me.

Since you say you have interest in girls though you have not participated in sex with any, we feel you will be able to have and enjoy sexual relations with women. Some men have this bisexual orientation, meaning that they are capable of being attracted to and enjoying sex with either gender.

You need to consult a sex counsellor/therapist to discuss your apprehensions and sort out your feelings, before marriage.

i am asking a solution for a realy different problem.
i and my gf enjoyed unprotected sex ( mistakenly, b'coz while changing position my condom fell outside ) on sunday 21/4/2002.
as a science student i known something about safe period, but i need your expert advice.
her period was ove on thursday 18/4/2002 only. so now,

1. what r the chances of the pregnancy?.
2. when should we test that?.
3. Till what date can we wait.?
4. what are the methods availabel to us if she get positive test result.?

Plz reply me as soon as possible.coz we are very much worried about thi matter.
plz help us and beleive us it was really a mistake. we always enjoy only safe sex.

The chances of pregnancy are almost negligible.

A sensitive pregnancy test can be performed one week before her next due date of menses. A routine pregnancy test can be done as soon as the period is missed.

If pregnancy occurs (unlikely in your case), medical termination of pregnancy through a qualified doctor is the only safe solution.

As to the safe sex, the safest sex is NO SEX till marriage, because any other method involves SOME risk as you have experienced. We do not want to appear preaching our clients but we are concerned about them.


i have a very tight foreskin, it will hardly come back when i pull it back manually and it does not come more than half of the front part when i have an erection. i could make out that circumcision is a solution for this. but, another problem is that, when i pull my foreskin back somehow, my penis is so tender that i cant even touch that. it pains as if it is touching some bare eye-ball, meaning which, my penis is exremely sensitive when i pull the skin back. is this normal in people who have the foreskin problem?? if not, what is the remedy?
i am also being hooked up with an issue called marriage in may be 6 more months. please give me proper advice, or my anxiety will kill me one day!!

Circumcision should solve your problem. Get done.

The tips of the penises covered with foreskin are sensitive to touch .. some times very sensitive as you described. After circumcision this sensation will persist for some time and gradually the glans (head of the penis) gets used to touch and contact of cloth. The discomfort will last only a few days after surgery.

Hello, im in need of answers. These are my questions:

1) Is masturbation medically wrong? I have never done it and never would consider doing it, is that wrong?
Neither maturbation nor not doing it are wrong / harmful.

2) My penis size isnt to great and i need to know of techniques besides sugery to improve my size. Could you tell me of the best ones?

There are no nonsurgical techniques to increase the penis dimensions and the surgical techniques are unsatisfactory with short lived results. The best solution is to accept the reality.

3) My sex life hasnt been so great lately and i need something to make me good in bed again, any comments?

Consult a sex counsellor / therapist.

I am pregnantand my husband comes home after drinking
and we have sex. Is this safe for my unborn child?

To my best knowledge no medical problems are caused to the fetus by a drunken husband having sex with a pregnant wife.

However, an intoxicated person can do physical harm, albeit unintentionally and subject to degree of intoxication, due to poor control over his body and its movements.


i am a 29 y/o male
i used to masturbate to release my tension since i was 15 years old.
about 5 times a week or so , those years i felt myself to be very strong sextually , it is about a year and a half i have married , at the begining i had no problem having sex with my wife but now i feel it takes too much time my penis get hard ,and even sometimes doesn't get too stiff ,and sometimes i ejaculate without complete erection, it seems i have two problems, first sexually i got weak and second pre ejaculation (ejaculation before my penis erected completely),

please guide me how can i overcome these two problems especially my penis stiffness, because i feel it affects my wife pleasure so much.

You need to consult a sex therapist, who will take your sexual history, order some tests and determine what possibly are the causes of your problem. Management will depend on the cause(s).

Meanwhile determine if you are able to get strong erections at least occasionally or during sleep or on waking up early in the morning. If YES is your reply, it is most likely that your sexual mechanisms are intact, though a negative reply does not strictly mean that you have a problem.

In the first case, that is, if you have strong erections occasionally, look at your intercourse frequency. Reduce it and see if your erections improve. Also ask yourself if you are participating in sex willingly and enthusiastically or out of compulsion to fulfill your partner's needs. You may also be under stress from day to day burdens, financial matters, fatigue from illness etc.

Early ejaculation (particularly after a person has had reasonable ejaculatory control previously) and semi-rigid erections are sometimes an early sign of underlying diabetes...

As the list goes on endless, I do not want to unnecessarily frighten you. A sex therapist with a medical background can easily determine the causes and suggest appropriate treatment.

Be assured that these days, erectile dysfunction (problem with erection) is not at all difficult to treat.

Let me introduce myself, I am a male from Singapore. I have some problems pertaining to sex, but I am too shy person to ask anyone a question.I am 25/26 but not looking of this age.

I seem just like a teen. The problem which is gradually ending my life is the problem of masturbation. I have been masturbating 3/4 times a week on a regular basis for almost 10/11 years, and this habit melted my body. I look like a skeleton not an alive young person. I searched the net for advice on this particular topic and fortunately I found your site. Thanks for launching such a useful site.

I also found in your site that masturbation is harmless habit but this habit destroyed me. Could you please explain in which mean it is useful? as well as please help me in leaving this bad habit.

I did my best but now it is almost 10/11 years young habit.
How can I leave this habit and return back to my normal life?

Masturbation per se is not a problem at all. It has no known medical hazards to date. Three to 4 times per week is not a high frequency at all, as I have known boys who have masturbated 10-14 times a week for several years on end and yet healthy and leading normal sexual lives.

If you have become thin like a skeleton it must be having some other strong reason. For example respiratory infections, diabetes in some individuals, tumors and so on. It would be wiser to get a thorough medical check up and take appropriate treatment, if necessary. Sometimes, strong fears about masturbation alone can make you sick and therefore lose weight.

I have also a problem of drops. Urinary drops continue to come for an hour or so whenever I urinate. One of my friends has told me that this is because of huge number of masturbation.

Dribbling (drops of urine coming for several minutes after urination) is not a consequence of masturbation. Consult a urologist. Prostate enlargement or problems with the bladder, among other things, can cause this. The urologist will also see if this has something to do with your skin-and bones appearance.

When I see a porn movie or naked pics my penis secretes semens & methinks this is also caused by masturbation.

It shows the extent to which the masturbation issue is bothering your head. Please get rid of this feeling. Millions across the globe masturbate without any harmful effects.

What your penis produces when you are sexually excited, is not semen, but a few drops of lubricating fluid. It is a sign of sexual excitement somewhat similar to mouthwatering when delicious food preparations are seen, smelled or thought about. But remember that this fluid is not a must and there are many who do not produce any.

I have another problem of quick ejaculation. When I masturbate the maximum time of ejaculation is just 2 minutes. I can't enjoy sex more than two minutes.

One problem after another! First get clear of the problems above. Then you could sort out others.

There are methods to train yourself to prolong masturbation and delay ejaculation. So also you can learn control over ejaculation. There are self-help books like Dr. Helen Kaplan's "PE: How to Overcome Premature Ejaculation", or Bernie Gilbergeld's "The New Male Sexuality". They are wondeful books which address all your concerns about premature ejaculation.

At the end I request you that please give the best ever advice which help me leaving this bad habit and I could control other problems mentioned above.

If you are still not comfortable with masturbation, visit a nearby sex counsellor and discuss your concerns with him/her (or) stop masturbating, and try to get married and enter into a sexual relationship, if your circumstances permit it.

My foreskin or prepuce is removed at the place where it is normally attached to. Over the years it got removed after a slight cut. Now during intercourse, it gets stuck at the place where it is normally attached to. This causes great discomfort during intercourse.It pains while penetrating. I am going to get married.There is no problem while using a condom.Will circumsicion help or some surgery to get it attached at the place where it is normally attached to. Please advice.

It certainly helps to consult a surgeon. Get examined. Surgical excision of that piece of skin should solve your problem. In any case it's a minor problem.


I have heard there is a very famous Indian sex book call "pamasucha" . I think I spelled wrong. It was about teach people how to make love and how to arouse the other party. It is an ancient book.

Please let me know if you have knowledge of it.
I will be very much appreciated.

The closest match to the treatise you refer to is 'Kama Sutra' (pronounced 'kaama sootra') by Vatsyayana. Richard Burton's translation is the most respected English version, available through some big book stores.

There is an online version available for free download.

You may procure another good translation by SC Upadhyaaya from the Indian publisher - DB Taraporevala Sons and Co. P. Ltd., Dadabhai Naoroji Street, Mumbai 400001, India.

'Ananga Ranga' by Kalyaana Malla is another ancient Indian Work, which you may be able to locate on the web.


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