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I feel like I have to urinate before I orgasm


Q : Why does it feel like I have to urinate before I orgasm ?

Ans : The urethra (urinary opening) and the bladder in a woman are located where they can receive direct penile pressure in some intercourse positions. This makes some women feel like they have to urinate during sex. In others, the reason could be an infection in the urinary tract.

In older women and in those who have had vaginal deliveries, the pelvic muscles or pelvic nerves undergo changes leading to release of urine during sex.

Try changing positions during intercourse; emptying the blader before sex can help. Do exercises to strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor. These exercises are known as Kegel’s exercises, after Dr. A.H. Kegel who developed them in the 1940’s to improve the tone of pelvic floor muscles.


Pregnancy in spite of Copper-T?


Q : My wife is having Copper-T and everymonth she gets her period in 1st week of the month and today it is 12 days past the regular date. I have tested for pregnancy and it came negative, but still we are worried since we do not want children now and we have already have one son. In the place where we live abortion is not allowewed. The last time it happened, we had to go all the way to India to get an abortion done. If this has to happen again please image my plight. Could you advice us what to do? Your reply will be highly appreciated.

Ans : Copper-T devices have negligible failures, if fitted properly. In your wife’s case it could be just another missed period. If the pregnancy test done was based on a reliable kit and technique, you need not worry. In about a few days she should menstruate normally. If you are not sure of the test kit employed, go for Pregcolor® or better still, an ELISA based kit. Once pregnancy is ruled out, rest assured and wait for the periods to start.

Can sex in menses cause pregnancy?


Q : Can I get pregnant when I have sex and I am on my period?

Ans: Usually not. But watch out! Occasionally there is bleeding at the middle of the cycle coinciding with the release of egg. And many women mistake it for a regualr menstrual period. They run the risk of unwanted pregnancy if they participate in unprotected sexual intercourse around that day. Family planning expert Prof. Guillebaud from London says: 'Intercourse can be fertile almost any time during the menstrual cycle, not excluding during the menses, if the sperm survives for up to 7 days and ovulation occurs early..'

Do underwears protect from pregnancy?


Q : I was just wondering if I mess around with someone and we both have underwears on and the guy cums, can I get pregnant that way?

Ans: It is possible, if this event occurred around your ovulation day, because the pores within the undergarments are too big to prevent the entry of spermatozoa. The latter are too smart to stay idle. They swim across and reach the vaginal opening easily. Of course, the chances of pregnancy are much lower than when the semen is deposited directly inside or on the vagina, but the risk cannot be dismissed.

where exactly is hymen?


Q : How far into a woman's body is the hymen located? Can it be broken by tampons?

Ans: The hymen is located right at the entrance of the vagina. It is the thin skin-like membrane in which the opening into the vaginal canal is located. It can easily be ruptured by use of tampons, or during play, bicycle/horse-riding etc. Sometimes it can be stretched a short distance into the vagina so that it appears seated deeply.

swallowing semen


Q :If a girl swallows cum...can she get pregnant? Please answer this quickly.

Ans: Swallowing the semen does not make a woman pregnant.

What does that bleeding mean?


Q : Two days ago me and my boyfriend were engaging in foreplay and he was pretty rough with his hands. We didn't have sex though. I didn't bleed then, but today I found some light brown spotting on my underwear, and I'm not supposed to have my period for 2 weeks. What does this mean?

Ans: It could mean, among other things, intermenstrual bleeding, which occurs in some women at the time of ovulation. Ovulation, as you know occurs 2 weeks before the menstrual period in a woman who menstruates every 28 days. It is also possible that if your boyfriend has used his hands roughly inside your vagina, it may have hurt the insides and the resulting mild bleeding may have been expelled now as brown spotting.

Pregnancy without going all the way?


Q : Can I get pregnant without going all the way?

Ans: Petting (kissing, hugging, and caressing) does not cause pregnancy. But the chances of pregnancy are real, if there is genital contact and semen ejaculated on or near the vaginal opening, on a day close to ovulation. The spermatozoa have an amazing capability to swim their way up into the uterus through vagina.

Can preejaculatory fluid cause pregnancy?


Q 1: Can I get pregnant from pre-cum? and how long should I be worried about being pregnant if I dont have my period for 2 weeks?

Q 2: When a guy has that clear discharge stuff that comes out before he cums? Well....can that make a girl pregnant? I have heard it cann't and I have heard it can.

Ans: Yes, it is possible to get pregnant from pre-cum (a slang word for the drops of preejaculatory secretions that come out of the penis in response to sexual stimulation) as this may contain sperms remaining in the ducts following a previous ejaculation. However, for pregnancy to occur in such a situation, both the man and women should be highly fertile and the exposure of that fluid to the female genitalia should occur close to the ovulation day. You may wish to know that there are recorded cases of women who became pregnant this way. If you have had a sexual encounter which you suspect could lead to pregnancy, get tested as soon after 7 days from the ovulation day, as possible. There are sensitive test kits such as those based on ELISA principle, which can detect pregnancy at least a week before your period is due. And if you miss a period get tested within the next week itself.

Can I masturbate at 50?


Q : I masturbate often. Is this normal for a 50 year old man? I am also married, but we go longer and longer between intercourse.

Ans: It's absolutely normal and harmless for a man of any age to masturbate. It's a healthy substitute for partner sex.