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I can comfortably retract my foreskin when not erect, yet when the penis is erect, it is very painful to pull it right back, i can achieve this but can not then maintain the erection as it is so uncomfortable. Please help.

Consult a surgeon nearby, he will examine you and create a small slit in the foreskin so that it retracts easily on the erect penis; if necessary he will perform circumcision, which is an office procedure requiring no hospital stay.


I have been in a two year relationship living with my spouse. We love each other very much, but for some reason I can't seem to ever get any orgasmic results in intercourse. I'm turned on very much and he does make me feel good and the time process isn't an issue, he can go on for a very long time till I hurt even, he's a good size and I'm a very petite woman.

Even when he first enters me it actually hurts for a moment, so there's no doubt in the issue of the size, yet I can never get an orgasm. He is a very good lover and he takes it all in stride when it comes to pleasuring me so he usually orally satisfies me and I enjoy it a lot. I'm not quite sure, but do you think it's only because I can get off so easily on oral that I only can enjoy it fully as oral? We try new things and positions, but it still doesn't get a orgasmic result through intercourse.

Noted sex therapist Helen Kaplan always said that more than 75% woman require some kind of direct stimulation to the clitoris to be able to reach orgasm. In oral sex you are receiving this and in peno-vaginal sex, probably you are not, at least to the extent required! It's because of the fact that clitoris receives only mild indirect stimulation during penile thrusting inside the vagina.

Try positions in which your partner can manually stimulate your clitoris even while performing peno-vaginal sex. Woman on top, side-to-side positions greatly favour this.

Let me have a feed back. If the difficulty persists I shall give some more suggestions.


I am a 23 year old male, I had a circumcision 3 months ago because I suffered from phimosis. The circumcision scar has now healed, however I have a small lump at the point of the scar, I think this is called a skin tag, it does not hurt but is looks very ugly. How can I get rid of this (I really do not what more surgery).

There is no way of dissolving this tag through medicines or creams. It should be removed through surgical means only, but it's so simple that you need not hesitate.


i would like to know whether i can prepone my fiancee's periods, in order avoid any problem in my honey moon

It is generally better to postpone the periods than to advance the flow. She should start taking appropriate tablets (You can obtain a prescription from your physician) at least 3-6 days before the expected date of the periods, and continue them without missing, till the honeymoon is over. Once the tablets are stopped, you can expect periods in the following 2-3 days.

However, if you are keen on advancing the periods, then plan well ahead. She should start taking any estrogen-progesterone combination pills (used as contraceptive) from 5th day of the period (counting from the first day) and continue for 14 days, then stop. The periods will occur within the next 2-3 days, that is, approximately 7 earlier than schedule.


This is a 19 year old girl. I had some urgent queries and I found your id in one counselling site. I would really really appreciate if you could help me on this.

2 days back i met my boyfriend and though we didn't have proper sex, we shared some special moments. I mean he didn't have intercourse with me.. all the time he was in full clothes. but. he did make me masturbate for quite some time. He did insert his fingers inside me to give me pleasure. The question I am asking you is " is there a chance of me getting pregnant even though we didnt have intercourse.. he might have some discharge inside his pants. and he might have touched his organ. sometimes in between while he was fingering me.. so is there a chance that i could get pregnant this way.. i mean without his penetrating me with his penis and coming inside me.. neither of these thigns happened actually.. he came in his pants while fingering me. thats all.. and all the time he just inserted his finger inside me and nothing else..

this was the first time that i put something inside me.. i mean i never had done any masturbation and all.. that was the first time. i experinced fingers working on me. at the end. i found some swelling on my organ.. the next morning the swelling has reduced.. but its still there.. there was a burnign sensation..especially when i go to the loo and some skin were peeling from my right nipple area. where my boy friend was sucking..

i wanted to know why all this is happening.. since it is for the first time, i am getting very very paranoid about all this. i would really really be grateful if you could help me on this..

anxiously waiting for your reply..

Let me answer your last questions first. It appears that your boy friend was pretty rough - as much with your bresats as with your vagina - to the extent of peeling of a tag of skin near your nipple, and causing swelling on your genitals. You must see a doctor to get treated for the burning urination. You may apply a topical ointment containing an antibiotic and a fungicide to the affected nipple.

Regarding your first question, well, if he had not touched his ejaculate while fingering you, you have almost no chances of getting pregnant. But you said he touched his penis a few times and you are not sure whether he has ejaculated by that time. If he has had ejaculated and inserted fingers carrying the blots of semen, you have a chance of pregnancy - if and only if all this happened on a day very close to your ovulation (release of egg). The chances are still low but real.

May I take liberty to suggest you at this point to stay away from activities such as this which can have serious social, psychological and health consequences to young women like you. Else, please learn about safer sex guidelines and strictly follow them.


The last sexual relationship I had was 4 years ago and was very brief, probably a total of 10 times. I also lost my viginity then and it was painful the first few seconds of sex and got easier after each try, the last few times there was hardly any pain.

Recently I started having sex again and am having pain, like the first few times I had sex but have found it getting better. My question is, did my hymen close up again because it hasn't been stretched out besides using a tampon? I have been to the gyno and everything is fine. How long can I expect this to happen?

It's not the question of how long a woman (and her vagina) takes to experience a painless intercourse. Painful intercourse can happen even after years of sexual experience. It depends on the degree of your arousal, amount of lubrication, being comfortable with the partner and the circumstances, genital diameters, presence of genital infections, coital technique and so on.

Since you have observed yourself getting progressively better you already know it is not going to take long with this person.


my sister - in - law is experincing a lot of bleeding after she has an orgasm. it hapens even if sex is not involved. it can be just foreplay. she is also taking the depro vero shot. please help
a concerned sister-in-law

She should not wait for email diagnosis and suggestions - should see the doc immediately to get her internal genitalia examined. It may be a cervical erosion or some thing more.


I have a burning sensation since last 3 month, had burning sensation in penis and near testical, doctor has dignosed with Prostatitis and other urologist with Seminal Vasicular Infection and I have been on Cipro for 1 month, all the test for STD are negative.

Things look better but the Burning sensation from the tip of the penis is not going away, it looks little red and opening looks little swollen.

Infection and inflammation of the Prostate and Seminal vesicles ususally go hand in glove. Burning sensation in testicles and penis can have many other reasons also. Sooner the diagnosis and treatment, the better. Consult and follow the guidelines of a urologist or a venereologist (STD specialist).


I am a 18 year old female. For the past month my boyfriend and I have had unprotected sex and he ejaculates inside me all the time without pulling out. Could this lead to semen build up inside of me? Or is this a problem at all?

You are right, this is not a problem at all! Semen ejaculated into the woman's vagina does not pool up there. It flows out after a while.

I think I need not remind you of the real harm you can get from unprotected sex, that is, pregnancy. I encourage you to take safer sex precautions, till you are settled in a long term relationship.


what are the safe sex days before or after the periods,(excluding the 3 days ) without using condoms or taking pills or any other alternatives to prevent or avoid PREGNANCY ??? i wish to have sex without any discomforts ie)no wearing,inserting or swallowing.hope you do reply me in detail.

NO DAY IS ABSOLUTELY SAFE for participating in unprotected sex. A few days in the cycle are relatively safer, but this changes from person to person and from time to time for the same person. As a general rule, the safe period method is somewhat dependable only for those women who menstruate regularly without missing periods. For a woman whose cycle is 28 days, the safer days are the last 8 days of the cycle (20th day onwards). Somewhat less safe days are Day 1 to day 7. Between 7th and 20th are the most unsafe days.

Yet my friend, I have known people who were betrayed by this method. So, take care of yourselves with other, more reliable methods like the condom, the vaginal contraceptive pessary etc.


I just want to ask if it is wrong to lick penis.
Please reply!

Not wrong, but may be unsafe, especially with casual contacts and with those who harbor infections of the glans (head of the penis) and the urinary tract.


i have a problem of semen leakage while sleeping , so i stopped mastrubation too,i feel that i am not gaining weight because of this, Is it possible to control this? or Is it a major problem leads to infertility? please tell me a way to control this.

It's not a problem at all but only a natural phenomenon. Almost every boy begins to experience this between 11 and 18 years of age. It does not lead to weakness, does not hinder weight gain, does not lead to infertility. Don't worry. There is no way of controlling it, nor is it necessary.

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